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SAS at Close Quarters: Great Battles of the SAS

ISBN 0283061839
Pan Macmillan,1993

This book was different from the preceding two in that it was written not by me but by those who took part in the operations featured it it. These included Borneo in the 1960s, the epic Battle of Mirbat in 1972 (the little-know action in Oman in which nine SAS soldiers defeated 250 rebels), the Pebble Island raid during the Falklands conflict and undercover operations in Northern Ireland. "The Sun" newspaper ran a serialisation of the book when it came out and the Military Book Club chose it as its book of the month.

Weapons and Equipment of the SAS

Sidgwick & Jackson 1992
ISBN 978-0283061417

Weapons and Equipment of the SAS Sidgwick & Jackson 1992 Following on from the success of "A–Z of the SAS", Sidgwick & Jackson wanted to continue their list of SAS titles, and thus this title was born. It lists everything from small arms, grenades and explosives to counter-terrorist weapons and clothing and aircraft and boats. While writing of this book I was assisted greatly by Ian Hogg, a friend and a man who was a world expert on small arms and artillery. He provided invaluable advice on the text and provided many insights into the performance of specific weapon types. He is greatly missed.

A-Z of the SAS

ISBN 978-0283061158
Sidgwick & Jackson 1992

This was the book that started me off as an author. In the early 1990s there was a lot of interest in the Spacial Air Service (SAS) Regiment, and so Sidgwick & Jackson commissioned me to write this book. It contains around 600 entries on the SAS's operations, weapons, customs, selection techniques and the leaders who have shaped and led the Regiment since it was formed in World War II.


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