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The Survival Handbook

ISBN 978-1853672361
Greenhill Books 1996

This book has been reprinted several times in the English language and has been translated into Estonian, Slovak, German, Hungarian and Polish.

It has been used by many organisations, including the Paranormal Spiritual Consultant (!), who wrote: "Provides advice on surviving in hostile environments and includes tips on shelters, traps, weapons, tools, food-finding, signaling, first aid, and other life-saving topics."

It was also recommended by the Black Political Review. One reader who purchased a copy from Amazon wrote: "I ordered this book over a year and a half ago and since then it never leaves my side when I enter the bush." It seems to have served its purpose.

SAS Encyclopedia: The Definitive Companion to the World's Crack Regiment

ISBN 0684817977
Simon & Schuster,1996

This was a follow-on to "SAS Gulf Warriors" and was the last SAS book I wrote. It lists battles, campaigns, weapons, equipment, tactics, training and SAS operations. Simon & Schuster were very generous in the production of this book, with the result that it contains hundreds of colour and black-and-white photos, the majority taken by SAS soldiers on campaign, plus colour maps of major operations, such as the Falklands War. When I finished this I did not know that the Regiment would be fighting once again in the Gulf and later in Afghanistan. As Plato said: "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

SAS Gulf Warriors: The Story Behind Bravo Two Zero

ISBN 0671512161
Simon & Schuster,1995

"Bravo Two Zero" was one of the most successful military books of the 1990s, and quite rightly so. Simon & Schuster wanted a book that discussed SAS operations during the 1990–91 Gulf War, but one that was not restricted to the Bravo Two Zero story. This was the result. I attempted to place SAS operations during the conflict within the wider context of UN strategy in the Gulf, especially the desperate hunt for Iraqi Scud missiles that were raining down on Israel, which threatened to wreck the entire UN Coalition. I also discussed US special forces operations in the Gulf War, as the SAS worked in conjunction with their American counterparts throughout the conflict.

SAS: The World's Best


ISBN 978-0283062223
Sidgwick & Jackson 1994

This was the last SAS book I wrote for Sidgwick & Jackson. The premise was to compare the Regiment with other elite units around the world to see which one came out on top. This allowed me to examine the selection and training of such units as the US Navy SEALs, US Green Berets, Israeli paratroopers and Soviet Spetsnaz, how they operated in the field and their battlefield successes, or not as the case may be. Needless to say, in an objective assessment of the overall capabilities of the SAS, the Regiment scores highly.

Surprise Attack: Lightning Strikes of the World's Elite Forces

ISBN 978-1856052283
Blitz Editions 1993

This title features over 100 of the most famous and decisive actions by specific units, such as the Parachute Regiment, US Marines and Royal Marines, in conflicts such as World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East. Each action is illustrated by means of a detailed colour map that shows movements and decisive incidents, with accompanying text providing background information and aftermath. It is a large format book which allows the maps to be shown to maximum effect. Some of the maps are very large and go over two pages, such as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This was a very enjoyable book to put together.

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